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Want to come and see what pole and aerial fitness is all about?

We are holding a free taster session for new potential customers to come and give it a go! We are hosting this on Friday the 20th of April at 7pm at our Mansfield studio! If you would like a space book through our website now! Click here to save your space!


Welcome to Mission Studios. We are an established company who specialise in the art of Pole Dancing Fitness as well as Aerial Sports, Burlesque, Flexibility and various other forms of alternative fitness. As an organisation, we offer the general public the opportunity to attend fitness classes, provide Professional Performers for all types of events, hold Burlesque/Pole Parties and provide the opportunity for our students to earn a small fortune from a hobby.
Aerial dancing is an overpowering and skillful form of dance, which is created with unusual and extraordinary genres ranging from gymnastics and ballet to the more seductive and sensual side.
With the nation looking for a more rewarding way to tone up and keep fit, Aerial and Pole Dancing is a must, not only to get fit but to look amazing! With the stunning performances that professionals achieve these days they are a show stopper for clubs, pubs and parties!
For a professional service and more information, don’t hesitate to call us now on 07702 948513!



Mission Studios are now offering a 6 week introductory Pole Dance Course at its Mansfield Venue starting in the first week of October 2016.

Designed for all ages with little or no experience of Pole Fitness, the course has numerous benefits. Click on our shop to get more information and to book your space on the next course or click here! 

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