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Pole Classes

Improve your strength and endurance simultaneously with a non-ordinary sport. You learn spectacular spins and choreographies in an accessible way and a short period of time, encouraged by the other members of your group. Improve your fitness, muscle power, sense of rhythm, and become more confident. Without noticing you push your boundaries, so after a lesson you can’t wait for the next one.

A complete program guides you step by step through the most extraordinary techniques that give you an incredible feeling.

Pole Fitness is the ultimate workout for the modern day man or woman and distinguishes itself by combining both cardio and strength training. Pole techniques make your movements look graceful and aerodynamic. You will be amazed to see how many muscles you need and how fast you will master the techniques and movements. A complete workout by which you feel your improvements every week

After a specific warm up you automatically move on to the pole techniques. Without noticing but particularly thoughtful you work towards the peak in the training hour. The cool down releases the tense from your muscles and enhances your flexibility which will benefit you the next lesson.

Circus (Silks, Trapeze, Hoops) Classes

If you thought aerial activities such as aerial silks and trapeze were purely a great way to have fun and learn new skills, think again. They also provide a range of health benefits. Everything from your physical strength to your figure and mood can be improved through regular participation in aerial activities.


An aerial apparatus with a bar, suspended by ropes, from which you perform a wide range of movements including balances, drops, hangs, and strength and flexibility manoeuvres on the trapeze bar and in the ropes supporting the trapeze.


Silks or Tissu: you climb, wrap, rotate, and drop within a piece of fabric that is draped from the ceiling, requiring both strength and agility.


Aerial Hoop where the performer twists themselves in, on, under and around a steel hoop or ring suspended from the ceiling, usually about the size of a hula hoop.

Burlesque/Erotic Classes

Burlesque promotes many things, including femininity, posture, strength, balance, coordination and above all confidence! Burlesque is all about expressing yourself but now this empowering art form has now become one of today’s hottest fitness routines.

Whether you want to boost self-confidence, create a better body image, improve your posture or simply learn a new life skill to teach Burlesque, then our courses will set you on the path to burlesque success as well as unleash your sensual side and liberate your mind and body.

Other Activities….

Stretch and Flex/Yoga Classes

What to learn to do the splits? Or simply feel more flexible? This class is for all to attend who want to push their bodies to the limits. Results are quick regardless of your flexibility.

Personal Training

Get one-2-one training with a qualified Personal Trainer. This style of training guarantees results and you can  read more under the Miss-Fit! tab

Casual / Group Classes

Casual / Group Classes

Pole Classes

In each group class we have between 4 – 7 poles dependant on class size. Each pole will accommodate between 1 – 3 students (dependant on class size) and the instructors will aim to have a similar ability on each pole. Each pole is equipped with state of the art pole crash mats as well as gripping agents (chalk etc) and towels.

Every venue provides music facilities, ensuring a pleasant but upbeat environment with the latest music available. Water is provided at the majority of the venues also.

In each class, we aim to have 2 instructors to ensure each student receives ample training time. Students may be requested to learn as a whole group or in smaller individual groups.

We also run beginners courses regularly in all areas. To find out when our next course is on in your area and to book on please visit our shop.

Circus (Silks, Trapeze, Hoops) Classes

Aerial Circus training can only take place at our Pole Mission Studio in Mansfield and Belper. Each hoop,silk or trapeze will accommodate between 2 -3 students (dependant on class size) and the instructors will aim to have a similar ability on each piece of equipment. The equipment is equipped with state of the art crash mats as well as gripping agents (chalk etc) and towels.  Classes run between 1 – 1.5 hours per session.

Burlesque/Erotic Classes

Burlesque classes are run as 4-6 week courses.

Groups can consist of up to 15 people. The different genres that we explore with burlesque/ erotic classes are:

  • Hats and Canes
  • Polesque
  • Strip Tease (no nudity involved)
  • Chair Dancing
  • Feather Bowers
  • And many more!….

To find out more information and to book on please visit our shop and find our listing .

Private Classes

Private Classes

Private Studio Tuition

We also offer private lessons for students who don’t feel confident enough to join larger groups, cant make our group sessions or simply wish to progress at a faster pace. Private Sessions can be booked at our dedicated Pole and Aerial Studio in Mansfield, at either one of our area venues (Dates and times restricted) .

Private lessons can be taken in Burlesque, Pole, Silks or Trapeze. The session consists of 1 hours training directly from instructor to pupil with no distraction. A number of students can have private lessons together which offers a better price although it is essential that each candidate is allocated their own pole to work on to ensure maximum learning opportunity.

Home Tuition

Home visits are a good way to ease yourself into pole dancing in the comfort of your own home, and even with the aid of friends and family as a joint private session! Our state of the art poles are designed to fit perfectly in every home, whatever the ceiling size!




Mission Studios

Unit 22a, 2 Wood Street

Mansfield Town Centre


NG18 1QA





The Strutts Centre

Derby Road



DE56 1UU



The Hall on the Green

Ulverston Road



S41 8EQ



Selston Leisure Centre

Chapel Road



NG16 6BW





Pole Mission have brought in a new membership so you can get more from your classes.

Pole Mission are proud to announce their brand new membership to all customers of all areas. Having membership will give you plenty of great benefits with the company for all sorts of different things from classes to merchandise.

Our membership is also to help you feel like part of a team.

Joining a gym or health club can be a big decision, one that requires discipline, dedication and commitment. Many people waste their money by signing up for monthly gym memberships and then using them very infrequently. Our membership consists of a one off payment which will give you a lot of benefits throughout the year.

On signing up to your 1st years membership you shall receive within your membership pack:

  • One small bottle of liquid chalk
  • One small towel
  • One Pole Mission Club T-Shirt
  • One membership keying
  • Pole dancing tricks and spins list


Things that shall benefit you once you are a member:

  • Cheaper classes
  • Block booking opportunities
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Discounts on fitness books/DVDs
  • Discounts on poles
  • Invitations to events
  • Franchise opportunities


All of these benefits are for only £30!

Don’t miss out and become part of our club now

Current Timetable

Group Class Timetable

Pole Fitness
  • Monday 7pm – Mixed ability
  • Monday 8pm – Beginners Course (booking only)
  • Tuesday 7:30pm  – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 7pm  – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 8:15pm – Yoga/Stretch & Flex
  • Thursday 7pm  – Mixed ability
  • Thursday 8pm – Beginners/Specialised Course (booking only)
Aerial Fitness (hoops, silks,trapeze)
  • Tuesday 8:30pm – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 8:15pm  – 45 minute
Pulse & Heels – Burlesque/Erotic
  • Course’s to be confirmed soon!!!
Alfreton – NEW!!! 
Pole Fitness
  • Monday 7pm  – Mixed ability
  • Monday 8pm – Beginners Course
Pole Fitness
  • Tuesday 7:30pm  – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 7:30pm  – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 8:30pm – Beginners 6 week course (booking required)
  • Stretch and Flex
    • Tuesday 8:30pm  – Half an hour class
Pole Fitness
  • Monday 8pm  – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 7pm – Mixed ability
  • Wednesday 8pm – Beginner course (pole)
  • Thursday 10:30am  – Mixed ability
Aerial Fitness
  • Monday 6:30pm  – Mixed ability



Pole Classes – Mansfield, Alfreton, Chesterfield & Belper

  • Pay & Go
  • £7
  • Members Pay & Go
  • £6
  • Members block booking
  • £30 – 6 classes

Pole Classes – Sheffield (Stocksbridge)

  • Pay & Go
  • £7.50
  • Members Pay & Go
  • £6.50
  • Members block booking
  • £30 – 5 classes

Hoops Classes (Mansfield & Belper)

  • Pay & Go
  • £7
  • Members Pay & Go
  • £6

Burlesque/Erotic Classes (6 week course)

  • Mansfield Studio
  • £35
  • Other locations
  • £35

Private Tuition – Mansfield Studio

  • One person
  • £20
  • 2 people
  • £15 each
  • 3 – 4 people
  • £12.50 each
  • 5+ people
  • £10 each

Private Tuition – Location venues

  • One person
  • £36
  • 2 people
  • £18 each
  • 3 – 4 people
  • £15 each

Home Tuition

  • Session
  • £20
  • + Mileage
  • £0.24p per mile (including return journey)

Please note that prices are non-negotiable and trading service is not accepted. A home tuition quote needs to be arranged for total price.