Cancellation Policy Overview

At Mission Studios, our commitment to providing exceptional classes and courses is matched by our dedication to maintaining a structured cancellation policy. This policy applies uniformly to all our classes, courses, and sessions, as outlined in the descriptions within our booking system and on the majority of the pages on our website. All customers agree to our cancelations policies both within the participation waiver and when booking any session with us.

General Rules of the cancelation policy for the Youngsters Academy and Adult activities

All refunds that are within the permitted timeframe are reimbursed as a virtual class pass or course pass. We issue no cash refunds.

Pay & Go bookings: 

Cancelation within 24 hours of the class start time or a no-show results in no reimbursement

Adults and Youngsters Academy Course bookings: 

Cancelation of the full course within 7 days of the course start time is non-refundable or transferable

Individual Course sessions: 

Any class within a course which is cancelled is non-refundable or transferable

Youngsters Academy Workshops:

Cancelation of the workshop within 3 days of the start time is non-refundable or transferable

Private Sessions:

Cancelation between 24 – 4 hours results in a 50% charge of the private price, the rest will be reimbursed back to your bank account

Cancelation within 0-4 hours or no shows results in 100% charge of the private price

Reasons behind Our Policy

1. Instructor Preparation and Loss of Earnings

Our instructors invest considerable time and effort in lesson planning and preparation ahead of every session. Cancellations impact their livelihood by causing loss of earnings for the efforts invested.

2. Difficulty in Filling Last-Minute Vacancies

Last-minute cancellations pose challenges in filling the vacated slots with pay-and-go and course bookings. This difficulty affects our operational efficiency and service provision.

3. Limitations on Course Waitlists

Our booking system’s nature restricts waitlisted customers from occupying cancelled spaces in ongoing courses if the course has already begun, leading to missed opportunities for interested participants who have to wait for the next course to start.

4. Implications of Policy Deviation

Allowing refunds beyond our stated cancellation parameters through Gymcatch would impose extensive administrative responsibilities on our staff. Such deviations may disrupt the operational flow and impact the quality of services we aim to provide.

While we empathise with unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or injury, requiring session or course cancellations, it’s crucial to highlight that adherence to Mission Studios’ cancellation policies remains vital. We kindly urge all customers to proactively cancel their sessions or courses in the event of absence, regardless of the policy, to notify their instructor about their absence and facilitate the opening of spaces for individuals on our waitlists. This consideration ensures efficient class management and offers opportunities for those eagerly waiting to participate.

We want to assure our valued customers that our policies are implemented without any personal intent to offend or inconvenience anyone. They are designed with the best interest of our entire community in mind. We kindly request all customers booking with us to honour and respect these policies, including the specified timeframes, understanding the reasons behind their establishment. Your cooperation in upholding these guidelines is greatly appreciated as it helps us maintain the quality of our services for everyone’s benefit.


The Admin Team

Mission Studios

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