Here is a little bit of information to make your experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible!

How Do I Book A Class?

We always ask that you book your space in advance so we can ensure we have spaces, you are welcome to turn up to class without booking – however if we are already full we will have to ask you to come back to another class.

Booking in

Text or call 07702948513 to get booked in. You can use our calendar to see what classes we have available.

Certain taster sessions, classes and privates can be booked through our shop option. This is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you have a space at our classes.

Payment Methods

The easiest way to pay for classes is by cash on arrival. But we can accept paypal payments and can take payments through our secure shop on our website.


What to wear

Pole Fitness Classes

It is best to wear flexible shorts and a work out t-shirt or sports bra. When learning pole skin is used to hold on whilst climbing/sitting. If you are nervous of wearing shorts for your first lesson you are fine to wear leggings for your first 2-3 classes. We normally train in bare foot most of the year but once we get to the winter months its fine to wear knee high socks to keep your feet warm. Also try not to moisturise on the day of pole, the oils in moisturisers make your skin and hands slip.

Circus Fitness Classes – (silks, trapeze, hoops etc)

It is best to wear as much clothing as possible for these sessions, ensure that what you are wearing can move quite easily. Leggings are really good for circus classes dues to being tight around your legs, and a tight vest top or long sleeved top. The reason your clothing has to be tight is because it can get trapped in the apparatus (especially silks/tissue). It also can loosen your grips giving more opportunity for you to slip.  You can also wear weight lifting gloves for circus as long as the surface of the glove that grips onto the equipment is quite grippy/sticky. (such as faux leather/pvc)

Burlesque Fitness Classes

You can wear a wide range of clothing for these classes as long as you can move freely in it and you are comfortable. We suggest something lower than knee length to protect your knees.

Am i too unfit/too old/ too young to join your classes?

There are no specifications to what a customer should be for any of our fitness classes that we do at Mission studios. It doesn’t matter what age, shape, size, weight or sex you are for you to join in. Our classes are set out on a personal basis which enables you to work at your own pace. You are given set moves to suit your capability and each move compliments your strength and stamina so you can master the next move, this in time helps to eliminate blocks in your workouts, and conditions your body fully so you see optimal results.

Our classes are relaxed and social, so it isn’t a race to see who can master moves the quickest, we love to see determination and passion within our students.

In our casual/group sessions the age is 14+. We can cater for younger customers in our private sessions and we do occasionally place child classes on for both circus and pole with a fully CRB checked instructor.

Men are welcome to join classes.

Will These Classes Improve My Fitness?

Yes! Arial fitness such as pole, silks/tissue, lyra/hoop, trapeze and burlesque will bring you optimal results! unlike running on the treadmill or doing weights, is FUN AND EFFECTIVE. It’s a cardio workout and so helps to improve stamina and general fitness, and also a weight bearing class that helps to build muscle and tone the whole body. And the magic part, it does all this without you even realising how much work you’re putting in!

As long as you eat health you will see your body changing for the better only after 4-6 weeks!

Does This Kind Of Fitness Hurt?

Your first class will leave you aching and possibly bruised. You’re going to use muscles you didn’t even know you had and they’re going to let you know about it! Bruising and small friction burns or blisters are common when learning new moves and as you get used to each move, your body learns to avoid bruising and your skin harden to prevent blistering. Whilst you have got bruises, just remember in the Aerial World, those are like your badges of honour!

No Pain No Gain!

What Happens In A Typical Fitness Class?

We begin the classes with a 10 minute warm up. This involves an extensive dance to get the heart racing, then body conditioning to tone and help build muscle and stretching to improve flexibility. We then practise lifts and climbs, then begin working on new spins / tricks / holds / routines . During the class, students have time to work on areas they feel need improvement and to have 1-on-1 time with the instructor to look at these areas. We finish with a gentle cool down and strengthening. We do strengthening at the end of every session regardless of what class it is or whether its a private or group session. It helps for you to see how your strength is progressing.

Both group sessions and private sessions are set out the same except in the private sessions you have the full attention of the instructor at all times. In group sessions the instructor works around each pole throughout the hour.

How Many People Attend Group Sessions?

Our Main Studio

We have our main studio in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. At this studio we have Severn poles, one stage pole, three silks/tissues, one trapeze, and two hoops/lyra. We ensure that we don’t have any more than 3 people to one piece of equipment. When classes are quite full we also have more than one instructor on so you get the most from your classes. Our private classes can accommodate for up to 6 people maximum at our studio. It is essential to book so we don’t over crowd our sessions.

Location Venues

Depending on the venue depends on how many poles we have and what space we have to work with.  If you would like to know for certain location venues please contact us as this information can change. But we still have the rule of 3 to a pole for an hours class.

Are Certain Classes For Different Abilities?

All our classes are mixed ability and cater for everyone, from the absolute beginners to the very advanced. Classes are tailored to your ability and our instructors will work at your pace to ensure you make the best progress you can. We find that mixed ability classes work really well as it gives the beginners chance to see what other slightly more advanced students are doing and what potential moves beginners have to look forward to in the future.

If you feel that as a beginner you are nervous about joining group sessions, private classes are a great way of breaking you gradually into this kind of fitness, and just a couple of lessons can boost your confidence to then join a group session.