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12 years ago, attending Pole Classes started as sister bonding time… Today it is a huge part of both of our lives in so many ways. The ever growing repertoire of moves means there is never a dull moment or nothing to learn. Watching how rapidly your body changes in response to training is truly motivational and that overwhelming feeling of triumph when mastering that move only cements the addiction. However, more importantly, it is meeting up with my team every week which brings me the greatest of happiness. Getting a break from the stresses of everyday life to burn some energy, help each other learn and have a laugh and a giggle with like- minded amazing people...no judgement...what could be better! Trust me, there is seriously no friends group like your Pole class group (and that’s speaking from experience). Although I have been addicted to Pole for many years, I can quite easily say I’m not the best...I have struggled here and there (particularly with flexibility) but that only gives me the motivation to maintain focus and master moves at my own pace! After all...it is your own journey and all body’s are different! Just remember that anything is possible if you practice enough! We have a wonderful team and community here at Missions Studios…inspirational and motivational people who will pull out all the stops to help you succeed. It isn’t a competition, we are simply all shine starts together. Why not join our family…?

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