New or Aspiring Level 1 Student

What are your options as a new or aspiring level 1 student?

We offer many level 1 classes for both aerial hoop and pole across the week at all of our venues to ensure new customers get the most from their training. All new students and students who haven’t received their level 1 certificates should be in classes specifically levelled to level 1.

Our level 1 category is aimed at students who have never done pole or aerial hoop before or are roughly 0-6 month in to their training.  

What are your options as a new or low level student?

Beginner courses

We hold beginner courses consistently throughout the year and these are run back to back. Once a course finishes another one will start the week after, and usually the next course will go live ready for you to book two weeks into the current course you are on.

Any student who hasn’t received their level 1 certificate are entitled to rebook onto our course deals As many times as they like until they become a level 2 student and are working towards their level 2 certificate.

Our courses are 4 consecutive weeks so ensure you can make all 4 classes within the course you are booking!

Find out what courses are scheduled by clicking here 

The cancelation policy for beginner courses

If you book a course we issue NO refunds or reallocations for classes missed within the course. A full course can only be cancelled and a refund issued if it is before 7 days of the course start date. 

Drop in / pay and go sessions

At Mission Studios we know sometimes some of our customers cannot make all 4 classes within a course and prefer to drop in to classes when they can make it. This option gives our new customers the flexibility of swapping and changing times and days to ensure they still get the same amount of training.

Our drop in option is still run within the same classes as the course deal and at the same time and day but it means you can book onto what you prefer instead of being locked into 4 set classes over a 4 week period.

These can be simply booked by going to our usual Gym Catch schedule and finding the level 1 class you can make, scrolling down to the book button. You will know it is a drop in/pay and go option as the price for this is £9.50 which is our standard booking rate.

Can’t see the drop in class you prefer?

This may be because the booking for that class hasn’t opened just yet. Our classes drop onto the calendar/schedule for drop ins roughly 2 week before the class takes place. If you still cant see it please contact us so we can check the opening times on the booking.

Other options for drop in Sessions

5 class bundle option

A student can choose to purchase our 5 class bundle package. These are priced at £45 and can be used on any drop in class of any level (including level 1 drop ins) over an 8 week period. They can also be used at multiple venues as long as it is a group session. 

Find our bundles/packages by clicking here

Membership option for drop ins

To lower the cost of drop in classes you can sign up to be a lifetime member and use the discount code when booking drop ins. This gets you 20% off the original price of either a £9.50 class or a 5 class bundle (£45) which is a great saving! However……. Membership codes CANNOT be used on courses.

Purchase a membership code by clicking here

Please be aware that our course attendees do have priority over pay and go customers due to block booking the whole entire 4 sessions. This can mean our pay and go options are full. Please ensure you can be flexible with pay and go so if your chosen class is full you can book onto another one.
We also find that pay and go slots can open up a few hours before your chosen class due to cancelations also, so you may be able to bag a space on your prefered class at the last minute. To find out if spaces have become free just go to the prefered class, click details and scroll down to the book button. The class capacity is found here.

Cancelation policy for drop ins and bundles

If you cancel your class place on GymCatch within 24 hours of the class start time there is no refund option or reallocation. If you cancel before the 24 hour cut off point GymCatch will allocate you a class pack back to your account to use on another session (find this in the payment section when rebooking) or reinstate a class back to your bundle package. 

The opportunity is endless!

What you book is totally up to you!

All beginner customers are entitled to book as many courses as they want and more than one at a time, join us for as many drop ins as they would like and purchase membership. 


All level 2+ classes are drop in or bundle options only… don’t forget to make yourself a member to get the 15% discount!

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