Xpert (NX) Dance pole set


The number 1 dance pole by X pole.

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The X-Pole XPERT is the ultimate dance pole available! Developed exclusively by X-Pole, the XPERT pole uses the latest pole technology to be the most comfortable and effective pole on the market- which is probably why it is used by so many of the world’s leading dancers. It is the perfect pole to use to get you to exceed your dancing goals!

The XPERT pole uses a bottom-loading pole; meaning set-up is much more straightforward as no ladders are required! The pole uses a brand new and exclusive adjusting system allowing the pole to expand fully and lock in position during installation, making for easy set-up and secure movements when in use. Partner this with the adjuster cover included and you will be working with an incredibly smooth pole. Because of this cover, there will be no uncomfortable ridges or bumps- giving you better grip and experience! This even features a micro-articulating base for unlevel flooring.

X-Pole’s XPERT range were the world’s first bottom loading dance pole, which consists of a large metal- not plastic as this will not be able to withstand the strain of regular dancing- upper dome; a small base plate to benefit dancers and minimise contact whilst in use; and a special non-invasive adjuster cover, which creates a much smoother and seamless finish, beneficial for when the dance pole is in use as it will be comfier to use. The XPERT pole is the only available pole that has no protrusions all the way along the pole.

All X-Pole products are supplied out of the box to fit ceiling heights from 2235mm (7′ 4”) to 2745mm (9′) and are offered in several diameters and surface finishes to suit all types of hand and grip requirements.

45mm poles are the most popular fit and suit most people the best. The Chrome colour is a great choice as it gives a more professional and simplistic feel to the art of pole dancing.

The X-Pole XPERT is available in many different surface finishes: Chrome, Titanium Gold, Brass, Stainless Steel and Silicone.

Silicone- Similar to Chinese pole, can wear clothing, max grip.

Powder Coated- Good for sensitive skin, max grip.

Brass- Solid polished brass, high grip.

Titanium Gold- Electronically coated, enhanced grip, better suited to hot countries, as it doesn’t conduct heat as much as the other pole finishes.

Chrome- Most popular, competition standard, regular grip.

Stainless Steel- Weather resistant, best for sensitive skin, regular grip.

XPERT Key Features:

  • Bottom loading- No loading required.
  • Revolutionary new X-Joint system- easy to use, quick to install.
  • Smooth pole from top to bottom- No transition between tubes or bearing protrusion to hit.
  • Static and spinning options.
  • Micro articulating base- Easy to set up on uneven floors.
  • Double width support dome- For maximum stability.
  • Available in 45mm (1.75”) and 40mm (1.57″) tube sizes.
  • Extendable from 2235mm (7′ 4”) to 2745 (9′) from the box.
  • Includes carry cases- 2pcs.

If your ceilings are higher than 2745mm (9″) extensions can be bought and a personalised quote given. Please contact us via our contact page to arrange a quote.

Please be aware we order straight from the supplier (x-pole) to your address, if X-pole are out of stock and notify us we will notify you straight away and your order will be put onto a waiting list and delivered to you as soon as they have stock.

Pole Diameter

40mm, 45mm


Chrome, Titanium Gold, Brass, Powder Coat Pink, Powder Coat Black

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