Free 20 minute Therapy Taster


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To introduce our brand new massage room and amazing massage therapist we are offering all of our customers a free trial session.

This session can be for sports massage, cupping or acupuncture.

Book your chosen timeslot and join us at our mansfield studio. Come and experience what we have to offer completely free. Our Massage therapist can tell you all the ins and outs for the service and the benefits each different technique will give you.

Our masseuse will also give you a 10 minute free demo of the procedure so you can see what its like!

Don’t forget to save the date and time in your diary!



Wednesday 4th March, Friday 6th March, Saturday 7th March


9am, 9:20am, 9:40, 10am, 10:20am, 10:40am, 11am, 11:20am, 11:40am, 4pm, 4:20pm, 4:40pm, 5pm, 5:20pm, 5:40pm, 6pm, 6:20pm, 6:40pm, 7pm, 7:20pm, 7:40pm

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