Why our Membership is a steal….

Thinking of joining our membership scheme? 

Find out all the info and the payment link at the bottom of this blog post!

Why should I become a member?

If you love coming to class with us and want to make a great saving on the cost it’s a no brainer…. Our membership entitles the user 15 percent off all group classes, semi private sessions and workshops with Mission Studios, as well as our 5 class bundle.
We also offer exclusive pricing for shows, events and members only benefits!
You can also use your membership to get money off mechanise and equipment to use at home!

What doesn’t it cover?

A membership discount can not be used on beginner course deals for level 1 due to our price being insanely cheap to begin with.

Our membership discount can not be used with private sessions or outside classes held at our studios. For example – boogie bounce, burlesque etc 

How much is membership?

Membership is a one off lifetime fee of just £20 which can be purchased at the end of this blog post or can be found for purchase on a number of our website pages.

Why would membership be a benefit to me?

Membership discounts can be used on all drop in (pay&go) sessions across level 1 to level 4 of everything we do and can be used to reduce our 5 class bundle price to just £36!  If you love our classes and want to continue coming or want to up your training the membership would benefit your purse strings! 

How does it work?

🌟ensure you already have an account set up on GymCatch so we can allocate your code. (If you haven’t go to the book now section and follow the prompts to set one up) 

🌟purchase the membership through this post or through the website link.

🌟 Give us roughly 24 hours to allocate your code to your GymCatch account.

🌟next time you book a pay & go class or purchase a bundle DONT FORGET to put the code m3mb3r into the promotional code section to get your exclusive discount.

……it’s that easy! 

Come and join our amazing community! 

Purchase below….



Purchase our lifetime membership for just £20 and benefit from 15% off our classes and bundles, exclusive event invitations, fun fit sessions, show invitations and more! Just create a GymCatch account, purchase our membership and use the code m3mb3r when booking your classes… it’s that easy!

* T’s & C’s – Once you have purchased your membership please give us 48 hours to upload the code to your gymcatch account. This code is not redeemable for any kids classes or for any external classes not run my Mission Studios (e.g. Yoga, burlesque, boogie bounce)

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